Acerbis – Skid Plate, SXF45023- / HUSQVARNA FC450 23- / FE450 24- / GASGAS MC/EC 450 24- (USED)

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Used 5 hours, great condition

  • Latest generation skid plate with integrated fin
  • Fin designed to protect the shock absorber linkage from impacts, mud and sand. It allows easy sliding over natural obstacles (whoops, stones, logs) ensuring a smooth ride. Design ensures maximum linkage grip
  • Offers maximum protection for the chassis and engine.
  • Extended protection areas on the side casings, water pump and footpeg areas of the frame
  • Presence of exhaust areas to give more lightness, ventilation and facilitate washing inside the skid plate
  • Design to reduce mud and debris ingress
  • Compatible with simultaneous use of Acerbis X-Power (Ignition and clutch cover protection)
  • Easily mounted using the four original holes in the frame
  • Two-tone logo plate
  • Weight: 700g

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