Armor Vision – 50MM Smart Film Lens Protector, 3Pcs



SmartFilm™ Lens –

Using the same HISC technology as our Impact lenses, we have created a universally fitting clear lens protective strip which will allow you to wipe away water, mud and grit to no end without scratching your lens.

No more running out of tear offs, no more messed up roll off systems.

As used by many top racers.

Available in 36mm and 50mm widths to fit youth and adult goggles.

In pursuance of and subject to the provision of Registered Designs Act 1949, the design of which a representation of specimen is attached, has been registered as of the date of registration shown above in the name of company(a) in association with ArmorVision.

SmartFilm™ | Patent Pending in the UK and United States of America.

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