S-Tech – 2 x Inner fork bushing (Premium), 43mm


Fits: KYB 43, SHOWA 43, WP 43


The S-TECH PREMIUM plain bushes have a high-quality sliding layer compound with excellent self-lubricating properties and high wear resistance at the same time. Precise manufacturing ensures close tolerances and high dimensional accuracy. These sockets are recommended for all those who have high demands on the response and performance of their fork.


very good gliding properties
high proportion of self-lubricating components
low coefficient of friction, very low stick-slip effect, very good response
Less sensitivity to dirt (contaminated oil) -> therefore good response behavior for a longer period of time
Scope of delivery:

1 set (2 pieces)

S-TECH workshop tip:

Clean the fork very thoroughly by completely disassembling the fork and rinsing all parts thoroughly. We recommend the MAXIMA SUSPENSION CLEAN cleaner for cleaning
Dry the parts thoroughly. There must be no residues of solvents or cleaning agents in the components of the fork.
use high-quality fork oil as this is also very important for the running properties. We recommend MAXIMA RACING FORK FLUID fork oil.
use the S-TECH PREMIUM bushes together with the SKF Simmerring kits, which also optimize friction, to achieve the best possible performance
only use high-quality silicone-based grease (e.g. our Turmsilon) to lubricate the Simmerring. No lubricating grease (e.g. bearing grease)! If you don’t have high-quality silicone grease, just dip the Simmerrings in the fork oil to lubricate them before assembly.
If possible, also use additives to improve the sliding properties, such as the HKS fork slide improver. Before assembly, apply a small quantity of the HKS to the dust cap (smear the sliding surface), the simul ring (apply a thin layer to the grease pad) and the sliding bushes. In addition, fill 5-10 ml into the fork oil, mix this and fill this into the fork (with closed cartidge only into the outer chamber).
Apply a high-quality lubricant such as Fin Lube TF Spray to the inner tubes (chrome tubes) before assembly and polish them in.
If possible, polish the inner tubes thoroughly using a polishing paste and a fine abrasive fleece. Clamping in a lathe and polishing using the cross-polishing method is suitable for this.
The radial play on the bush with the inner coating should not be greater than 0.15 mm. If this is larger, an adjustment using a feeler gauge tape is recommended.

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