S-Tech – Clamping Jaw (Fork)


Clamping jaw for clamping the outer tubes of suspension forks.

Forks are often not clamped properly in order to open them. When clamping without precisely fitting clamping jaws, very high clamping forces are required to secure the fork tubes against distortion, which in turn can lead to permanent deformation of the fork tubes. The consequences of a deformed fork tube are serious, such as poor response, tilting of the fork during compression and severe abrasion of the plain bearing bushes.

The S-TECH clamping jaws, on the other hand, enable very gentle clamping of the pipes. The clamping jaws are CNC milled and adapted to the shape of the fork tube with small manufacturing tolerances. In conjunction with the generously dimensioned clamping surface, there is a very high level of friction even with low clamping forces from the vice.

Advantages of the S-TECH fork clamp jaws:

– Low clamping force required due to optimal frictional connection.

– Gentle clamping of the pipes. Permanent deformation of the fork tubes is practically impossible.

– One-piece design allows for quick and easy clamping of the fork tubes. The quick and easy handling makes the clamping jaw ideal for workshops.

– Allows the fork tubes to be clamped in any position in the vice (vertical, horizontal or at any inclination).

59,2mm for:
– KYB 48
– SHOWA 48/49
– SACHS 48

60mm for:
– WP 48

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