S-Tech – Clamping system


The S-TECH clamping jaw system consists of a basic holder and interchangeable inserts in various designs. The holder is inserted into the vice and remains there. Only the inserts are changed for clamping the usual parts in the chassis area.

The holder has 3 very strong magnets and a guide, so the holder is held well in the vice and ensures good work. The inserts can be inserted very quickly and easily into the shells on the holder. There they are held by locking pins. The inserts are available in all diameters used in the chassis area.

Non-tubular parts can also be clamped using the available blind inserts. With the S-TECH CLAMPING JAW SYSTEM, almost all work in the chassis area can be done on a vice without having to clamp various tools in the vice. As a result, this saves time and also makes work easier.

Clamping of all components commonly used in the chassis area with just one tool
No re-clamping of holders or clamping jaws in a vice required
Interchangeable inserts are available in all diameters common in the chassis area
Allows you to edit chassis quickly and efficiently

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