S-Tech (ESJOT) – Framdrev, Sherco 250/300 21-


ESJOT pinion – Made in Germany
ESJOT sprockets are among the best sprockets on the market worldwide. A special nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, high-quality case hardening and the specially developed by ESJOT toothing in the DIAMOND CUT process ensure exceptionally high strength and durability – ideally suited for the wear-intensive conditions in motocross and enduro.


Steel 16 MnCR 5
Machined on CNC lathes
The teeth are made using the diamond-cut process
Case hardening of 700 HV 40 with a case depth of 0.4 mm
Modern broaching machines guarantee an exact fit on the drive shaft with a
Radial and axial runout tolerance of less than 0.1mm
Diamond-Cut is an innovative production process that achieves a significantly higher quality standard than conventionally milled sprockets. Precision tools give you an optimized cutting pattern. At the same time, the material in the tooth flank area is highly strengthened. Only the highest quality German steels are used to ensure consistently high quality.

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