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Type 3 Fork Gold Valve Combo Kits

Combo Kits include both Compression as well as Rebound/Mid-Valve Kits with a significant cost savings over purchasing these kits separately. In the “good ‘ole days” we got away with just Compression Valving improvements. However, Rebound/Mid-Valves are critical for any modern hi-performance valving setup.

Type 3 Gold Valves are the latest version of our bolt-on fork valving system for cartridge forks. Gold Valves significantly improve the flow over stock pistons, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tuneability, improved control, traction, plushness and bottoming resistance.

Includes detailed online instructions, Gold Valve Pistons, Valving Shims, and access to the Digital Valving Search (DVS) which provides specific valving stacks for your exact weight, skill and riding conditions.

Note: Standard Gold Valve Kits are Compression Kits. Combo Kits end in “C” and include both Compression and Rebound Gold Valves.

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